Hi and welcome to my website. I’m glad you are here and hope I can entice you into the world of Foundation Piecing.

My friend Dixie Haywood and I have written six books about this old-made-new technique. We wrote the first book on Pineapples and have been known ever since as ‘The Pineapple Queens’. We had so much fun writing that book that we branched out into other patterns that haven’t usually been foundation pieced, figuring out how to break up blocks into segments so they could be pieced on foundations. We even tackled Pieced Borders.

Our book, “Every Quilter’s Foundation Piecing Reference Tool is still available, as an e-book. It is one of the wonderful small spiral-bound books, meant to be right on hand as you sew. Feeling that there is almost NO pieced block that won’t work well with foundations, we selected over 70 blocks to illustrate different choices of techniques to use with different types of designs. The blocks are shown as photographs, then as blown-apart drawings with numbered piecing orders. And we included as many tips and tricks as we could fit in!           
We do have a new book as of October '13. It returns to our first love, pineapples. We've covered the basics as we did in our first book 23 years ago, and have expanded the information with all kinds of variations and ways to make this classic design your own unique creation. Many many photos of different quilts, a lot of new variations, and some projects to get you started. Once you've made one pineapple, you are pretty sure to be hooked.

Check it out: "Fresh Pineapple Possibilities". For a signed copy, just contact me.

Foundation Musings

As one of the early ones in the revival of this wonderful technique, I’ve thought a lot about the process. This is not just paper piecing. We all use a lot of paper of different kinds. We use lightweight tear-away interfacing and sometimes even fabric. I consider a foundation to be anything you piece ON or WITH, which opens the genre to include almost any pattern you choose to piece. (I even use foundations for Strip Piecing, to keep those long lines straight.) I really am somewhat evangelical about this method of piecing….it almost guarantees success, whether you are a rank beginner or a tried-and-true piecer, and whether you are working in traditional or innovative or art quilt mode. The technique has been around for more than a century, and is constantly being updated. Precision, speed, and stability…what more can you ask?

I do occasionally work other than on foundations! I have been a hand-quilter for almost 30 years, and while I have joined the ranks of machine quilters, I often do both hand and machine quilting in the same piece. I judge quilt shows, large and small. And I am an appraiser for both antique and contemporary quilts.

Of all that I do, I love best to teach …infect others…with this art of quilting. I cannot think of anything within my ken that gives as much pleasure to so many people, with so little outlay of effort, time, and money. It is artful and historic and very fulfilling from all sides.