Pineapples Plus

Pineapples Plus

This graphic design has so many possibilities, it is hard to know where to start, but we do begin at the beginning with one classic Pineapple block, pieced on a vellum foundation. The pattern has been computer-generated, and is accurate and easy to see and sew on. Sewing with strips, upside-down or on the back of the pattern, may be new to some, so everyone makes one practice block. Then on to whatever design you fancy. The choices are two kinds of off-center patterns, a Flying Geese pattern, or playing with the classic block to create new designs. Pineapples are so versatile, there is always one more just waiting to be made, and it’s my hope that you will become enamored of them too.


2-3 yards (total) of fabric in colors you like, with good contrast between light and dark values will make almost any kind of pineapple design.

The practice block uses just a strip of light and a strip of dark….to learn the technique.

for the traditional design:
up to 1 yard dark value fabrics (3-5 different, or all the same)
up to 1 yard light value fabrics (3-5 different, or all the same)
These can be prints, solids, scraps, in color families or gradations.

for the off-center design:
¾ yd each of two fabrics - a medium and a dark value
1 yard coodinating print
1 yard background fabric - solid or print/solid

for the Flying Geese variation:
up to 2 yards fabric for the horizontal/vertical planes. Can be all one
color family or scrap or controlled colors
½ yard contrasting fabric for Geese - very dark (black) or very light

for the Shards variation:
¾ yard focus fabric, possibly large print
¼ yard coordinating fabric, for the small pineapple areas.
½ yard each two shades beige
¼ yard bright fabric for the “shards”

Usual sewing supplies to include sewing machine, extension cord
Rotary cutter-mat-ruler if desired

Materials Fee: $2.00 (foundations for four blocks)