Hawaiian Applique

Hawaiian Applique

This overview of classic Hawaiian appliqué will cover cutting, basting, and needleturn appliqué. In addition we’ll discuss the history of these graphic designs, and go into echo quilting. You will work on the traditional Breadfruit pattern (which is supposed to bring good luck to beginners), but there are other options if you wish. I have several old full-size patterns which you are welcome to copy, and the small patterns we will use in class came from an elderly lady’s collection, which was given to me. The class can be broadened to a full-day class, learning to create and cut your own designs.

Check the Gallery for a photo of my first quilt, made when we lived in Hawaii.


Two 20" squares pre-washed 100% cotton, in contrasting colors.
(traditionally, Hawaiian quilts are done in solid colors: red and yellow, green and white, blue and white, blue and yellow. Pastel colors and/or prints, especially tone-on-tone prints are a good option, if desired. Batik prints work very well too.)

Usual hand sewing supplies, to include needles, pins, thread to match fabric, thimble, sharp pointed scissors.

Bring large tracing paper if you are interested in copying some older full-size patterns