Quilting, The Final Touch

Quilting, The Final Touch

Whether you are a beginner or someone who wants to improve their quilting stitch, this may be the class for you. How to mark patterns, how to make small even stitches, and best of all, how to start and stop with no knots. Interest in handwork is booming, maybe as a reaction to all of our high-tech machines? Quilting is one of the oldest techniques and it does put the final touch onto a beautiful pieced or appliquéd creation. It is also a wonderful calm way to sit quietly and have your hands occupied. I find myself using both hand and machine quilting, in the same piece….taking advantage of the good points of each.

The class can be expanded to a full day, and working on a sampler of background quilting designs in addition to the feathers.


Two 20” squares pre-washed cotton fabrics (preferably light color or muslin) Please no batik..it is so tightly woven it does not hand quilt well
Matching piece of lightweight batting (polyester or poly-cotton or very thin cotton. Medium weight cotton batting suitable for dense machine quilting is NOT advisable for good hand quilting)
12”-14” hoop or small frame
0.5 mm mechanical pencil or sharp #2 pencil

Usual sewing supplies to include scissors, pins, threads for basting and quilting, thimble. Special quilting needles will be supplied.
Instructor can provide batting if desired, @.50/square