The OTHER Foundation Piecing

The OTHER Foundation Piecing

Giving each piece in the pattern it's own separate foundation will open up designs you never thought of doing on foundations. Flowers, birds, critters, landscapes, as well as traditional patterns like the eight-pointed star...all are done easily using freezer paper templates. Draw the design, label each piece (vital step, coding them for placement), cut the pieces apart, press them to the wrong side of your selected fabrics, and then simply reassemble the paper design, with fabric now attached. The small fabric pieces won't stretch out of shape, all points will match precisely, and your piece will be exactly the size you want. As an added bonus, this technique is easily done by hand as well as by machine.


3-5 fabrics in light-medium-dark values. Bring prints, solids, hand-dyes, scraps...up to two yards total will make several blocks.

Usual sewing supplies to include pencil and ruler, thread, pins, scissors,
Rotary cutter-mat-ruler if desired
Sewing machine and extension cord.

Foundation material will be supplied