Jellyroll Strings

Jellyroll Strings

Using a pack of pre-cut jellyroll strings (or Bali pops), with a few supplements from your stash if you wish, start a simple diagonal string design that can become any size from placemat to lapquilt upwards. Fast, easy, and uncomplicated to sew using foundations. Graphic and satisfying to create.

NOTE: this can easily grow into a full day class. After doing basic blocks to learn the technique, we'll explore other ways to use string designs, including backgrounds-parts of blocks-borders- and an eight-pointed star.


Fabric - one set of jellyroll strips for lap quilt, two for bed quilt. Bring a few other coordinating strips of different widths to make the   design more interesting. For the longer class, and a star, bring a few scraps and 1/2 yd background fabric.

Foundations - tracing paper: lapquilt size requires 36 foundations cut 6" x 6" (ordinary tracing paper, no need for special art paper)

Usual sewing supplies to include sewing machine, extension cord, thread, pins, scissors, neutral sewing thread, seam ripper, rotary cutter-ruler-mat if desired.