Fabulous Fabric Baskets

Fabulous Fabric Baskets

Create a coiled basket made of clothesline rope that has been corded with strips of fabric. Use scraps or a graduated roll of strips. Batiks work extremely well, either a set of planned colors or strips cut from a single fabric with interesting coloration. This is not a "wrapped" technique, rather a corded process, using either a cording foot or a zipper foot. The baskets are tight and strong and amazingly appealing. You can make them to fit whatever you wish, and even have coasters/hot mats from the leftover bits.


16-18  1-1/4" strips of fabric, cut across the width, seamed together with bias seams and the seams pressed open to reduce bulk. If you use jellyroll pre-cut strips, seam them together and then cut the 2-1/2" strips in half vertically, giving you twice as much strip length!

At least 50' clothesline rope. This should be 3/36"-7/32" in diameter and either cotton or cotton-wrapped polyester. No completely man-made rope please.

Thread to coordinate with fabric: ordinary weight for cording, heavier (quilting weight) for coiling construction. Variegated thread works well for the coiling.

Sewing machine, extension cord, zipper foot as well as ordinary piecing foot

Usual sewing supplies to include scissors, pins, rotary cutter-ruler-mat if desired, stiletto or pointed tool to help control stitching.