Firm Foundations

Firm Foundations

Beginning with the simplest technique, work on a series of exercises using several foundations, formats, marking, and piecing techniques to explore the foundation method thoroughly. In addition to the basic three ways to work, we’ll discuss some of the really new and different ideas from The Experts’ Guide to Foundation Piecing. You won’t go home with a finished sample, but you’ll have a batch of blocks, each made using a different foundation technique, and the knowledge to know which one to choose for your next project.


Up to three yards total of fabric - darks, mediums, lights (these can be prints or solids, scraps, fat quarters or simply muslin and 3-4 mediums and darks, preferably cottons.
Don’t worry about coordinating colors, just be sure to have value contrast)

Usual sewing supplies, plus pencil and ruler
Sewing machine, extension cord/multiple outlet
Rotary cutter-ruler-and mat if desired

Materials fee $2.00 (several types of foundation materials)