Celestial Quilting

Celestial Quilting

Begin by drafting simple stars, some constructed with squares and triangles, some with parallelograms, and finish with the “queen of stars”, the eight-pointed LeMoyne Star, all made with 9” blocks. You can make as many stars as you desire, each different or make a larger piece with repeat patterns. The sample shown is a 30” x 45” wallhanging, with built-in pieced star sashing.


(for a wallhanging. If you wish to go larger, bring more yardage)
1 yard focus print
quarter and half yards of colors drawn from that print—2-4 medium and dark tones and a bright accent color
1 yard background fabric

Usual sewing supplies to include sewing machine with extension cord
Rotary cutter-ruler-mat if desired
paper scissors
pencil, eraser and thin ruler (c-thru is excellent)
compass (school-type is OK)

Materials Fees: $4. Foundation materials will be supplied.