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Combinations, length, even content of my workshops can be tailored to the wishes/needs of your group. It is easy to combine some of these, and lengthen others for multiple days if desired. I do not list many classes based on single patterns….Starry Path, Flying Geese, Crazy Patch, Feathered Star designs…or almost any other of your choice, but these are easily arranged as half or full-day workshops.

In addition to the classes listed below, I teach "Pineapples Plus" and "Firm Foundations" at Quilt University. Please contact me or check with to find out when I'll be teaching there next.

For my classes, please be sure to click on an image to see larger images, a longer description, and a class supply list. My fee schedule is listed at the bottom of this page.

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Jane Hall My lectures are geared for groups from 25-300, and are fairly informal although full of a lot of information. I  will be doing the presentations with computer and LCD projector, yours or mine. I’d also like a couple of tables for displaying quilts and books. And at the end, I’ll need two tall quilters to hold up some of the large quilts.

Perfect Pineapples: beginning with Log Cabin quilts and proceeding to the ultimate center-based Pineapple. Slides, many quilts, and a lot of words about my favorite pattern.

Firm Foundations Updated: A survey of design categories ranging from classic patterns through innovative contemporary designs and an overview of where we are now with this old-made-new technique we take for granted. In addition to the three basic techniques we’ve all used for years, there are now several times that number of ways to work on foundations. Clever innovative tweaks make the technique even more versatile, no matter what the design or project. Slides, quilts, and words.

Making a Blue Ribbon Quilt: what you need to know about what the judges look for , so you can put your best foot forward in a competition. How judges work, what are the major parts of the quilt critique, and even if you never enter a quilt contest, how to make your quilt the best you can, for your own satisfaction. Slides, quilts, words.

Painless Pieced Borders: a complete overview of all the ways you can design and piece borders to frame your quilts uniquely. Specific design categories and techniques are covered in detail, working from very simple to pretty complex pieced borders, all of which will frame and enhance your work incredibly. Slides, quilts, and words.

For my classes, please be sure to click on an image to see larger images, a longer description, and a class supply list

Full-Day Classes

Pineapples Plus

An overview of this pattern, from basic to off-center to original designs. Everything you ever wanted to know about pineapples, and maybe even more.

Mariner’s Compass

Learn to piece this graphic pattern with absolute accuracy using foundations, working on an 8” block which can be completed in class.

Precision Pieced Quilts

Begin a wallhanging or bedquilt in your choice of several different patterns constructed on foundations for precision and stability.

Firm Foundations

An overview of this old-made-new technique being so widely used today. This is not a product class, but rather a process one where you will learn several different techniques to introduce you to all the ways you can work on foundations.

Log Cabin Revisited

Immerse yourself in this beloved pattern, with its many variations. Make a basic block to familiarize yourself with working on foundations, and then choose from several designs for a project.

Celestial Quilting

Stars, Stars, Stars
Learn to draft and sew stars of many kinds, all sewn on foundations for control, speed, and precision.

Half-Day Classes

Sliced Steps

Create this very contemporary looking design by making simple Log Cabin variation blocks, then slicing them at an angle and re-combining the segments.

String Along

Try piecing with this old-made-new technique that creates fabric from bits and pieces, random strips, and strings. One of the easiest and earliest forms of foundation piecing, it is also one of the most versatile.

Strips On Foundation

Use the traditional form of strip piecing, making strip-sets with strips cut across the width of the fabric, but piece on freezer paper foundations for absolute control of these long lines of stitching. Your segments will align perfectly when re-sewn, and the resulting piece will be clean and crisp.

Hawaiian Applique

Begin a pillowtop or small wallhanging using this classic mid-19th Century design genre. Needleturned appliqué, using a basic traditional Hawaiian design.

Quilting, The Final Touch

Learn the basics of hand quilting as you work on a simple crossed feather spray, with both straight and curved lines.

The OTHER Foundation Piecing

Use foundations as templates to stitch with not just on. Loosely based on English paper piecing, in this contemporary adaptation, every piece has it's own foundation, giving a control and precision to patterns not often considered for foundation piecing.

Jellyroll Strings

Learn this basic string block to create simple graphic traditional designs with a ocntemporary twist.

Fabulous Fabric Baskets

Create a fabulous coiled basket from clothesline rope covered with fabric. Any size, any shape, easy and fun to make.

2013- – 2014 FEE Schedule

Half-day workshops $375
Full-day workshops $650

Workshops are limited to 20 students, with an additional $15/student up to 25 for machine classes, 30 for handwork classes, provided the classroom space is adequate. Fees are negotiable for small groups.

Lectures $450
Judging $350-$450
depending on the number of quilts
Appraising $50 each quilt, written appraisal

Additional expenses would include travel by air (with airport parking fees, and baggage checking charges), or IRS mileage rate by car, and overnight lodging and meals where necessary.


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